Willows Wanderings Jewelry for the Faithful

Welcome to Willows Wanderings Jewelry for the Faithful 

    Thank you for visiting our page. Our hand crafted earrings and bracelets, along with carefully selected necklaces, may be the accessory you are looking for to complete that special outfit, or add style to your every day look. 

    The idea for Willows Wanderings was born as a way for me to bring back creativity into my life after I had my third child and could no longer work. My Mother-in-Love came to me in 2017 with the idea of creating bracelets to sell at the in person tables of her and my Father-in-Love's ministry God Heals PTSD. Because of my love of gemstones and quality fashion jewelry, time and experience has developed into the company you now see today. 

    Our company has a few beliefs that we stand behind. It is the driving force behind our jewelry designs, our family values, and the packaging in which your product is delivered.

  • All of our jewelry is made from quality gemstone, metal, and glass. The only plastic you will find in our designs will be in the stretch cord used for our bracelets.
  • Fashion jewelry should be well made and affordable. Most of our designs are under $30.
  • Crystals and gemstones are made from our Lord the Creator, and belong to the Christian community as much as any other community. Let's get back to enjoying the beauty that God has made for us.
  • The packaging in which your product is delivered has been crafted with our planet in mind. Paper mailers and paper wrapping have replaced plastic bubble mailers so we can leave a softer footprint on the earth in which we all live.

  • Coming soon, sales from some of our designs will go directly to support ministry that our company supports.

    Once again thank you for taking the time to visit our site and read our company statement. May you be blessed in your lives and experiences, and keep close to the values you hold to be true. 

    Sincerely ... Willows Wanderings Jewelry for the Faithful. Let the Living Waters Feed Your Tree of Life.